The Third Decade (1979 – 1988) and Beyond

The Third Decade (1979 – 1988) 

A very significant milestone in the history of Maris Stella marked the fourth phase. With the overwhelming demand for more places in the primary school, a need arose for a separate primary school building to be built. 

After some initial difficulty in selecting a suitable site for the school, it was finally decided that the piece of land to be acquired should be adjacent to the present school building. After much negotiation and with Mr Tan Keong Choon’s help, a piece of land of 3.11 hectares was acquired in 1982 and this became the site for the Primary School. The original plan for a four-storey building was changed to a three-storey one in order to cut costs. With the approval of our new plan and a generous grant from the Government, we set out to raise more funds to meet the escalating cost. At the helm of this massive fund-raising project was Rev. Bro. Anthony Tan (1984 to date), Rev. Bro. John Lek (1983 – 1984) and Rev. Bro. J. Chanel, who although retired in 1981 due to poor health, continued to be involved in raising funds for the school.

We could not have raised such a large sum if it had not been for the concerted effort of the school building committee, the teachers, old boys, in particular, Mr. Low Tuck Kwang, and students. Rev. Bro. Anthony Tan, our present principal, did much to instil in our pupils the sense of belonging and loyalty resulting in the parents giving generously to the school. To the Government, the Shaw Foundation, the Lee Foundation, Sum Cheong Piling Pte Ltd, Singapore Turf Club, Mr Andre Halim, Education and Relief of the Poor Fund and all those who have in one way or another helped make this fine school what it is today, we are deeply grateful. 

The Fourth Decade and Beyond (1989 – To date) 

The primary school has functioned on its present premise since 1987. Since 1997, the primary school has functioned as a single-session school. Minor improvements have been made to the building with the conversion of the library to a media resource library, an improved administration office and staff room with system furniture and the inclusion of two computer laboratories. All classrooms are now IT-enabled and the school is fully networked. 

Currently, we are one of the schools in Phase 2 of the Programme for Rebuilding and Improving Existing Schools (PRIME). We hope to have another block added to the present building, with bigger classrooms, staff room and media resource library.